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Month in Review: September 2021

Updated: May 4, 2022

Zoopla Work

This month, I helped the team on setting up contract provider tests on one of the data providers that we own. There was also collaboration work with other Quality Engineers to discuss possible user scenarios that we may have missed as part of the work we are all doing to move to a UPRN first property data.

One of the biggest areas for improvement that we needed to take action was the visual testing integration that we did with Percy and Cypress. After running the visual tests as part of our merge requests pipeline, the team gathered useful feedback from engineers and it was apparent that the current implementation needs tweaking. It slowed down our process a bit and so we needed to come up with version two of the integration. Part of our role as Quality Engineers is to make sure that any new testing and quality process we put into place fits into our workflow. Iterate any future improvements and get honest feedback as much as possible!

There were also some other changes, including managerial, that kicked off this month. We had a wider Product and Technology event on the 30th September at the Zoopla office to talk about the re-imagine phase and it was great to finally meet people that I've just been speaking remotely.

From a hiring perspective, I’ve been doing more technical interviews and getting comfortable with the process. I’m still on the lookout for an excellent Mobile Quality Engineer so if you or anyone you know are looking for new challenges, please do get in touch with me directly 🙂

Community Work

This month, I did another collaboration with Bartosz, giving the same Accessibility talk to new individuals who registered for his in-person Cypress workshop.

I also recorded the panel talk for Applitools future of testing event with Greg Sypolt, Jeff Wilkinson and Bijoya Chatterjee with Joe Colantonio as our moderator. It was such a great experience learning from these professionals and hearing their views about test automation frameworks. The event itself happened on the 30th September and the recordings can be watched on demand here - Applitools On Demand Videos.

I also did a meetup with Test Automation Talks where I gave a talk on how you can leverage Cypress beyond functional testing. If you want to watch the recording of the meetup, I have added the video below.

It was also very good to hear that my Introduction to Cypress course was Ministry of Testing's most viewed course for the month of May! 🥳

Personal Developments

✍🏼 Started a brand new bullet journal

💪🏼 I hit my step goal of at least 10000 steps most of the time.

📚 This month, I read Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. Reading about Goggins’ story from when he was young and deprived and how he ended up transforming his life from being an overweight young man to being a US Armed Forces icon and an amazing athlete was such an inspirational read. I also read Boundaries With Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend and my plan is to try to apply it with Gabby so she understands the concept of boundaries.

🎧 I’m still listening to various podcast episodes every day.

September Favourites

  • Gabby started reception class! She has settled in really well at her class.

  • Bought tickets to watch Frozen Musical.

  • Taking Gabby to KidSpace and enjoying soft play.

  • Friends get together and lots of amazing Filipino food. I cooked Chicken Afritada!

  • Watched All Time Low concert with Rafaela.

  • Going to the Zoopla office for the first time and meeting my product team and some of my direct reports.

  • Getting my second tattoo done 🌸

  • Cooking homemade Filipino meals and eating other amazing pasta dishes too.

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