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Month in Review: October 2022

k6 Work

This month, I spoke at CMG's Performance and DevOps event to talk about A Hybrid Approach to Performance Testing. I also presented my demo about xk6-browser during Ministry of Testing's Test.Bash(); 2022 automation event. They have now uploaded the recording to their platform so if you have a pro subscription with Ministry of Testing, you can now watch the recording. If not, this is another great reason to have a pro subscription with them.

I talked about web performance with my colleague, Nicole van der Hoeven and discussed topics such as the difference between frontend vs backend performance, tips on making your websites faster and tools that can help you, among other things.

One of my favourite Office Hours episodes happened as well this month and it's an episode dedicated to different load testing types and the different executors in k6. The reason it's my favourite is because there were not 1, not 2 but 4 DevRels in one episode! 😄

In this episode, we also announced that we are launching a k6 Champions Program! Over the past years, k6 has been positioned as a performance testing tool providing the best developer experience. It’s been amazing to see that our community continues to be active and we have contributors spreading their knowledge about k6 and performance testing in general.

As our community grows, we recognised the need for a community program to support them better and give them resources and additional mentorship from the k6 team. The k6 Champions Program aims to recognise performance testing experts within our community from across the globe and amplify their contributions.

We are still yet to finalise the landing page but if you're a k6 user and want to be more involved in the community, share learnings to other people and also receive awesome perks, get in touch with me or find out more about it by joining our k6 community Slack channel.

Finally, we also spoke about BDD/TDD and how you can do assertions with k6. We were joined as well by our CTO, Pawel Suwala where he explained what k6chaijs is and how it's different from the existing k6 check function.

Community/Side Projects Work

I first heard about PactumJS during TestBash when I attended Julia Pottinger's talk about Next Level API Automation. I was curious about how it can help you with API testing so I decided to write a get started guide about it. If you're interested to know more about PactumJS, check out my blog post - Writing API tests with PactumJS and Jest.

I also participated as a jury at ASQF's Test Automation challenge and helped out in reviewing test automation strategies from different teams. It was great to see how the teams thought about the tools they will use, the different levels of testing they will cover, and also using a risk-driven approach to prioritise which functionalities they will automate.

As TestBash is a community-driven conference, I also started reviewing some abstracts for TestBash 2023 and it's a great way to be involved. I've read really interesting abstracts that I want to see for next year and it's also given me a few ideas on possible topics that I want to write about in the future.

Finally, due to the wild success of TestBash 2022, an online version of TestBash UK, called ReTestBash UK will happen this 1st December! They have selected seven talks and I'm happy to share that my talk about Performance Testing 101 has been selected. If you're a pro member, this is included as part of your subscription. If not, you can grab a ticket or better yet, definitely sign up for a pro subscription!

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ My average step count is higher than last month's which I'm pleased about. I also signed up to a free trial of F45 Training and started my first session!

Bar chart showing my average step count for October 2022 which is 12,879 steps
Average step count for October 2022

📚 This month, I continued reading Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman but then I switched to reading Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown-up by Sam Beckbessinger 😅

🎧 I am still listening to various podcast episodes but to be completely honest, I failed to do it consistently this month.

🗣 I am continuing to learn Spanish in Duolingo. So far, I am on a 66 day streak.

October Favourites

  • Gabby's singing and dancing during the school's Harvest event

  • October half term activities. Gabby had a day out with friends and enjoyed a round of crazy golf. She also tried bouldering for the first time!

  • London walks (London Bridge to Leicester Square)

  • Trying the three combination bbq meat from The Eight restaurant

  • Quality time with friends and ordering bento boxes from Eat Tokyo and bubble teas

Not much photos this month unfortunately! I've been getting some work done in my bathroom so it's been a messy October. I can't wait to have it finished!

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