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Month in Review: November 2022

k6 Work

This month, I spoke at TestJSSummit for the first time to talk about A Medley of Frontend and Backend Performance Testing where I also introduced xk6-browser to the attendees. If you're interested in watching it, the talk has now been uploaded to their portal, GitNation. I also delivered a masterclass session about Performance Testing at Test Academy, held in Málaga, Spain.

Speaking of xk6-browser, I've been helping the team update the documentation and the README to include more information on what it is, why to use it, and how to get started. There's also been a lot of progress in the landing page mockup, and I'm grateful to my manager for all his help so far! Hopefully, by early next year, we'll launch the landing page for xk6-browser 💜.

There have been many questions about what a hybrid approach means when it comes to performance testing, so I joined my colleague, Leandro Melendez, during k6 Office Hours to talk about this hybrid approach.

On a separate note, we are almost ready to launch our k6 Champions Program! I've been working with our team to have the landing page ready and other marketing content for the initial launch. Our target date is December of this year, so you'll be hearing more about it as part of my December 2022 monthly review.

Community/Side Projects Work

As part of TestJSSummit, I also talked about Cypress and Test Strategies. During the Cypress discussion, it was fantastic to share thoughts with other Cypress Ambassadors (Filip Hric, Walmyr Filho, and Murat Ozcan). There was also a lot of healthy debate during the Test Strategies discussion, and it was also great to share it with Lia Moreira.

I delivered a 99 mins workshop about Performance Testing with Ministry of Testing, which went well. This was my first time using the Butter platform, and it's a fantastic tool for any virtual collaboration.

This month, I also spoke with someone new to software testing. I shared my experiences, guided him on his next steps, and pointed him to a few of my networks that can also help him 💜.

Finally, it was time for Agile Testing Days! Earlier this year, I joined the review committee to help them shape the program for this year's ATD in Potsdam, Germany. Initially, I was just going to attend as an attendee, but they asked me if I could also deliver a 25 min talk, so I gave a talk about Learning the Fundamentals of Performance Testing.

I could only manage one day, but it was still worth it! Having the virtual pass, I could watch talks that I have missed, and it's always a pleasure to connect with people I knew already and those I met for the first time! I also found out that Parveen and I are neighbours! 😂

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ My average step count is higher than last month's, which I'm pleased about. I mentioned last month that I signed up for a free trial of F45 Training! After enjoying the first week, I decided to continue my membership, and I've been attending their sessions regularly. During Agile Testing Days, I also participated in the morning run.

A graph showing my average step count for November 2022 which was 13,711 steps
Average step count for November 2022

📚 This month, I finished reading Manage Your Money Like a F*cking Grown-up by Sam Beckbessinger.

🎧 I am still listening to various podcast episodes, but to be completely honest, I failed to do it consistently this month.

🗣 I am continuing to learn Spanish in Duolingo. So far, I am on a 105-day streak.

November Favourites

  • Watching The Hunna live💜

  • Catching up with Twitter connections in real life during Agile Testing Days

  • Autumn walks with Gabby

  • Birthday month! This month, I turned 34.

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