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Month in Review: March 2023

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

k6 Work

This month, l finished launching all of our k6 champion highlights, which you can find in our k6 blog. At the start of the month, we also did our first-ever AMA (Ask Me Anything) with two of our k6 Champions, Yusuf Tayman, and Enes Kühn. I've linked the video below, and ignore the first few seconds of me saying, "I think we're live now." I need to be better during the intro! 😂

We also had a Grafana shutdown day, an additional day off given to us, to spend some time away from our computers, which I think I succeeded in doing.

I also joined my colleagues Théo Crevon and Nicole van der Hoeven to talk about experimental modules in k6. I shared my thoughts about the async/await syntax, which is now natively part of k6 version 0.43. I also did a code demonstration about the new changes in our k6 browser module.

This month is definitely the video content month! As part of the new changes within the k6 browser module, I've also created an up-to-date video on how to do browser testing with k6, which you can find below.

To finish this month, we held another AMA with the k6 Champions. This time, we had Jose Luis Latorre and Ioannis Papadakis, whom I will meet in person when I go to Athens this May.

Community Work/Side Projects

There were a few conferences this month that had their call for papers closing, so this month, I submitted two papers at Agile Testing Days 2023. One will be a joint talk, so let's see how that goes! 🤞🏻

Simon Tomes from the Ministry of Testing, also got in touch if I would like to explore giving a masterclass session with them, based on my talk proposal that I submitted as part of TestBash 2023. I'm excited to announce that we will be progressing, so you'll hear more about this once they have published it on the Ministry of Testing platform.

Speaking of side projects... as part of last month's monthly review, I mentioned that I've been collaborating with Lewis Prescott on a project we've considered doing for quite some time. I'm happy to share that our book proposal got accepted by Manning! I won't spoil details yet of what the book is about, but it's going to be exciting, it's going to be tough, but I'm mainly excited to do this because it's something that I've always wanted to do as part of my bucket list.

Finally, Nicole van der Hoeven and I recorded the first-ever episode of our new podcast/live stream project, Adobo and Avocados! 💜

We've always wanted to talk about diversity in tech and how we got started, so we finally decided to do it this month. If you're curious about how we got into tech and the meaning behind Adobo and Avocados, check out the video below.

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ My average step count was higher than last month's. I also completed my 100th class at my local F45 gym. So far, I have attended 107 classes in total since I started.

A graph showing my average step count for the month of March, which is 15,528 steps.
Average step count for the month of March

🍎 Still doing the 80/20 healthy eating rule.

📚 This month, I am reading Atomic Habits again by James Clear. It's one of my favourite books, and his tips on how to build positive habits are all useful.

🎧 Continuously listened to various podcast episodes this month.

🗣 Estoy aprendiendo Español en Duolingo y estoy en mi día 213 🎉

March Favourites

I spent a few days visiting Malta this month, which has definitely been a highlight. The food was amazing! Apart from that, here are a few favourites:

  • Filipino food at Kasa and Kin

  • Mother's day out with Gabby

  • Cherry blossoms are back!

  • Dinner with friends/old colleagues (plus Gabby 😂)


More photos from my recent trip to Malta, all taken from my Fujifilm camera. Valetta is such a beautiful city. 💜

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