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Month in Review: March 2021

Updated: May 7, 2021

It's crazy to think that it's been a year of lockdown and working from home! I actually miss being in the office now so I'm hoping that the plan for lockdown restrictions all goes well. I'm slowly building my domain knowledge within Zoopla and providing support to multiple teams. It feels amazing to be recognised already especially with my input and help on the roll out of one of their SEO changes so it will be great to be back in the office at least once a week. For now, let's review what I've been up to this March! It's mostly binge watching The Office but I was still productive most days! 😅

Office Hours with k6

First up is Office Hours with fellow Filipina Nicole van der Hoeven and Simme Aronsson from k6. I really enjoyed the chat and we talked about test automation, accessibility and performance testing. This was my first live stream event and was really nervous but it went alright!

If you want to watch what we talked about, the video link is below.

International Women's Day

For this year's International Women's Day, I decided to share my story on how I got into tech and a summary of my contributions to the testing community. The video is linked below and make sure you also watch the videos from the other women who shared their inspiring stories to QA Tech Talks.

TestBash Home

This year, I decided to use some of my unused credits to sponsor some tickets for people who can't attend TestBash Home. I attended my first TestBash last year and I learned a lot from the different speakers and with the lockdown still going on, I figured I would help out people who wants to attend this year's TestBash. All the tickets have been allocated now which is really great 😊

Virtual Event - QA in London

I delivered my 2nd meet up with QA in London where I talked about Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left which was hosted by Ashley Palmer. This was a recycled talk from last year but it's one of those talks that I really love to share to educate people on Accessibility and debunking some of the myths people might have on it.

Virtual Event - Ministry of Testing PH

I teamed up again with Nicole van der Hoeven to deliver a meetup focused on performance testing. It felt so great to contribute to the MoT community in the Philippines which was organised by Anthony Seumal. I gave a short talk about front end performance testing, which was based on my Automation Guild 2021 session, and Nicole talked about back end performance testing. If you're interested to see the recording of the live stream event, you can check out the video recording below.

Virtual Event - Cypress UK Community

For this month's Cypress UK meetup, we had Naveen Bhati who is currently a QA Engineering Lead at Facebook. We had some technical difficulties and every time Naveen tried to share his screen, we only saw a blank screen! Apparently, this is a known issue at the moment if you are using Mac OS Big Sur. So, we had to think of a second plan and play a past recording of the same talk instead. Nevertheless, it was still useful and lots of interesting questions at the end! Once the recording of our meetup has been uploaded, I will also share the link here.

On a similar note, I can't believe it's been a year since the Cypress UK community was created! A year on and we have almost 1000 members on the meetup group which is an amazing milestone. We're always looking for speakers whether you are a first time or seasoned speaker so if you have something interesting to share to the community, please do reach out! 😊

Personal Development

📚 This month, I read The Delusion of Passion, Go Giver, Personality Plus, Girl Wash Your Face and currently reading Invisible Women.

💪🏼 Still working out consistently this month. I definitely feel stronger this month because I somehow managed to do 100 burpees! One workout that I did consists of 20 burpees and then 5 sets of it so feeling really good. Also, I managed to do jumping jacks with weights for 60 seconds 😀

🗣Continuing Spanish lessons. Hola, como estas? Una chocolate por favor?

Next Month

With sunny days and warmer temperatures ahead, I am looking forward to meeting with friends and chill for a bit. I do have a panel event and a Cypress workshop planned for next month which is still to be confirmed. Apart from that, I can sense there will be more ice cream (for Gabby of course).

Brain freeze!

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Mahathee Dandibhotla
Mahathee Dandibhotla
03. 4. 2021

ow this is so nice very simple to read and inspiring

To se mi líbí
Marie Cruz
Marie Cruz
08. 4. 2021
Reakce na

Thank you Mahathee! 😊

To se mi líbí
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