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Month in Review: June 2022

From Zoopla to k6

This month marked my last month with Zoopla so it was a lot of handover and mid-year conversations with my direct reports. I'm extremely happy that Zoopla decided to promote someone internally to replace me and I know that she'll be amazing at it!

After a year and a half of working with them, it’s been amazing to see a lot of continuous improvements within the Quality Engineering function. I've kept track of all the great work that's been done through my monthly reviews and so it's always great to look back and reflect. Time flies fast though!

I’ve grown a lot as a people manager and it’s been awesome to mentor and support a bunch of great individuals! The people and culture in Zoopla has exceeded my expectations and it’s been a great pleasure to work with everyone. It’s really an inclusive place to work where people feel safe to be themselves.

Apart from quality leadership and people management, I’ve been embedded into an awesome team and was able to introduce team-owned testing and quality processes. I’m very proud of all the work the team has done and quality has always been the forefront of what we do.

These past few years, I’ve kept myself involved in the community through my blog, meetups, conferences, being a Cypress ambassador, accessibility advocacy, my YouTube channel and others. I want to continue more community work to try and help improve developer and tester experience as well. While I wasn't actively looking for a change, Nicole van der Hoeven from k6 reached out and asked if I would entertain a Developer Advocate role as a full time job. I had to grab this new opportunity as this means that I'll be able to support the community more and spread the word about k6 as it is an awesome tool!

I'll be taking a month off though before I start my new role so more updates from me once I start! 😃

Community Work

This month, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Nicola Lindgren to talk about how I went about learning test automation and other things. If you're interested to hear more about it, you can watch the video recording below.

I also talked about how we can shift accessibility testing to the left at two events. One was with Test Automation Talks and the other event was at Front End Test Fest. I have spoken about this topic numerous times and it's still an amazing feeling when you get comments from the attendees that this talk is really useful for them.

Speaking of accessibility testing, I also did a collaboration with LambdaTest on a YouTube video tutorial on how to automate basic accessibility checks with Cypress via the cypress-axe plugin. Check out the video tutorial below.

Finally, TestBash World happened this month. I have only managed to watch Samuel Nitsche's awesome talk about "Testing in the Imperial Database" but I'm planning on watching the recordings of some talks that I missed. If you're a Ministry of Testing pro member, the recordings are now available to be watched on demand 😊

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ I've kept up with my goal of hitting 10,000 steps and more. There were some days that I failed to hit it but for the most part, I've reached it and even exceeded 20k on some days.

My average monthly steps for the month of June which was 13,759 steps.
Average steps for the month of June

📚 This month, I finished Normal People by Sally Rooney and Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Dr. Julie Smith.

🎧 Consistently listened to my daily podcast episodes.

🥗 After a few days at Nice and a lot of unhealthy food, I had to eat healthy so this month, I've been really good with meals and snacking on junk food less.

June Favourites

  • Few days spent at Nice and Monaco

  • Watching Fall Out Boy and Green Day as part of their Hella Mega Tour

  • Getting my fence and back garden done plus doing a lot of gardening.

  • Dinner at Casa do Frango with friends/old colleagues

  • QE team lunch and board games at The Kings Arm pub

  • Seeing family during father's day celebration

  • Leaving do drinks for my last day at Zoopla 💜

Photo Walk

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Gaurav k
Gaurav k
Jul 15, 2022

This is awesome.. To make a summary and be proud of the good work you did

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