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Month in Review: January 2023

k6 Work

Since launching the k6 Champions program, we have received tons of applications from the community, and I'm pleased to share that we have accepted five more champions (Anisbert Suárez Batista, Jaswanth Manigundan, Enes Kühn, Ioannis Papadakis, and Yusuf Tayman). We've also started highlighting our first champions so the community can get to know them better, so check out k6 blog for these individual highlights. 😊

From a conference perspective, I've been doing preparations for my Automation Guild 2023 session as well as CMG Impact, which are both held in February 2023. I have so much respect now for video editors because it took me such a long time to edit my recorded videos! 😅

At the time of writing this monthly review, Automation Guild 2023 has now ended, but if you want to attend CMG Impact, you can still secure your spot by buying a virtual pass or attending the conference in person, which you can do on their website. My topic is going to be The Psychology of Web Performance which will explain the human reasons why people don't like to wait and how this can be linked back to web performance. You can check out the promo video below.

This month, I also wrote a comprehensive getting started guide with xk6-browser. xk6-browser is our k6 extension that lets you do browser automation and collect frontend performance metrics. I also wrote a guest blog post in Abstracta, an introductory guide to web performance testing, which covers topics such as:

  • What is web performance?

  • Impacts of a slow website

  • How fast should websites be?

  • Web performance metrics

  • Tools for testing web performance

  • A hybrid approach to performance testing

These two articles also got featured in Dawid Dylowicz' Software Testing Weekly newsletter, which you can find in issues 151 and 152.

To kick start this year's Office Hours, we invited Stefan Dunkler to talk about integrating Grafana Faro with xk6-browser to add browser automation and collect data about the health of your web applications. Check out the episode below.

Finally, we also talked about how to organise your test scripts in k6 in different ways. Whether you want to use k6 for browser testing, load testing, or integration testing, the video below gives you insights on how to structure your tests, especially as your test suite grows.

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ My average step count was lower than last month due to being ill again! I've been stubborn some days and decided to attend F45 workouts even though my body told me not to. 😅

On a more positive note, I'm getting stronger as I lift heavier than when I started F45. 🙌🏼

A graph showing my average step count for January 2023 which was 12,285 steps.
Average step count for January 2023

🍎 No takeaways this month, so lots of home cooking and eating healthy 80% of the time.

📚 This month, I finished reading No Bullshit Leadership by Chris Hirst. I've been relatively slow with reading lately compared to last year, so I need to pick up this habit back again.

🗣 Yo aprendo Español en Duolingo. So far, I am on a 169-day streak. Some words are getting difficult to remember, but pushing through!

January Favourites

Not many activities this month, and I was also ill most of January 😷

  • Going to a cafe board game with Gabby.

  • Joining in on F45's 8-week challenge. My personal goal is to attend at least 5 classes a week. 💪🏼

  • Planning Gabby's 6th birthday party and using my Canva skills to create a custom birthday invitation!

  • Re-decorating the living room with more dried flowers and plants.

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