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Month in Review: December 2022

As we enter the new year, I've enjoyed reading various people's blog posts about their yearly retrospective of 2022. It's definitely great to reflect on the year and look back on how the year was and I've also done this during my 2020 review.

However, since the start of 2021, I decided to do monthly reviews instead, so it's much easier for me to remember the things that I've done and eliminates my need for a yearly review. While a yearly review is important, the more important thing for me is I'm taking the time to pause and reflect, and monthly reviews are my way of reflecting. Whichever format you are doing, reflection is very important for growth.

k6 Work

This month, we finally launched the k6 Champions Program so that was a great way to end the year. In more detail, I wrote about the program in our k6 blog - Introducing the k6 Champions Program. If you are interested in becoming one of our champions, feel free to reach out directly to me! 😊

I participated in two k6 Office Hours episode this month. The first one is with Paul Balogh where we discussed all things about k6 extensions.

The second episode was with my colleagues Leandro Melendez and Pablo Chacin. We talked about how to get started with xk6-disruptor and how to use k6 for chaos testing.

Finally, check out our k6 2022 end of year review that I also participated in, together with a bunch of other colleagues. I specifically loved that we all said the same thing when asked, what was our highlight from last year. Lots of Crococons! 😂

Community/Side Projects Work

I spoke with Shweta Sharma from Axelerant to share my views about Accessibility at her brand new talk, QA Q&A Beat-by-Beat, which focuses on all things quality and testing. Once the episode has been released, I will share it here.

Apart from that, I did not do much work and took long break instead.

LEGO Batman figurine on white sand, holding a rubber duck swim ring
Photo by Zakaria Ahada on Unsplash

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ My average step count was slightly lower than last month due to a few days when I had the flu. I continued attending F45 Training and have been consistent with doing at least 3 sessions a week consistently. Just from two months of consistent training, I have definitely felt stronger! I'm definitely going to continue with F45 in 2023.

Graph showing step count for December 2022. which is 13,265 steps
Average step count for December 2022

📚 This month, I started reading No Bullshit Leadership by Chris Hirst.

🗣 I am continuing to learn Spanish in Duolingo. So far, I am on a 134-day streak. I think I remember most words now, but I need to practice speaking them fluently! 😅

December Favourites

  • Relaxing during the holiday period. I didn't do any actual work! I was tempted to do some side projects, but I slowed down and enjoyed quality time with loved ones.

  • Watching Disney on Ice with Gabby

  • Going to Christmas markets and eating churros 🍩

  • Christmas get-together with friends

  • Noche Buena and Christmas with the family

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