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Month in Review: August 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

k6 Work

August marks my first month with k6! This month has been about onboarding, getting to know the company and the different products a bit more.

It's really exciting to try something new and I never would have thought that I would be trying Developer Relations as a full time job. My role in k6 will be mainly helping the team about xk6-browser, an extension to k6 which brings browser automation and end-to-end web testing to k6 while supporting core k6 features. It adds browser-level scripting APIs to interact with real browsers and collect frontend metrics as part of your k6 tests.

In k6, they have a Week of Load Testing or WOLT which focuses on learning about k6 and sharing any insights to the rest of the team. It was a really nice experience to just do a lot of focus work and learn more about the various features of k6. I decided to dedicate my week of load testing to xk6-browser.

I also spoke about what browser testing is during one of the episodes of k6 Office Hours and why we need it and its relation to performance testing. If you're interested to hear our conversation, check out the video below.

Community/Side Projects Work

This month, I launched my first Accessibility playbook with Augmeta, a playbook-led engagement focused on accessibility. I wanted to share my learnings and hands-on experiences when it comes to embedding accessibility practices in digital products and Augmeta caught my attention. I wrote a more detailed blog post about it which you can find here, Announcing my Accessibility Playbook-led Engagement.

On a similar topic, I also wrote a blog post for Applitools to provide a list of accessibility tools that you can use to test your website. The full write up can be found here, Top 10 Accessibility Testing Tools for Websites.

I finally had the time to upload my next video tutorial related to Git and Github! I haven’t been uploading regularly in my YouTube channel as much as I wanted but in this video, I showed how you can work with remote repositories and use the commands git push and git pull.

I also did another video tutorial for LambdaTest on how to automate iframes using Cypress. Iframes have always been a pain to automate and Cypress doesn't support them natively (well not yet..) but there are some workarounds to it. In this video, I've demonstrated how to automate iframes by accessing a specific JQuery property as well as using a plugin called cypress-iframe.

Crococon 2022

I flew to Stockholm this month to attend Crococon 2022, a yearly event organised by the k6 team for everyone to get together. Since we are a remote company, it was great to see a lot of new colleagues in person, listen to different talks, attend breakout sessions and do team building activities.

It was my first time visiting Stockholm as well and I must say that Swedish food is amazing. I mainly took food photos and my personal favourite was the Swedish shrimp toast.

During Crococon, I also presented my Week of Load Testing and talked about what I learned so far about xk6-browser and also shared an accessibility audit of Cloud.

Personal Development

🏋🏻‍♀️ My average step count is much lower this month compared to previous month but that's okay! I'll get back on track next month.

My step count for this month of August taken from the Health app. Average steps is 9,490.
Average steps for the month of August

📚 This month, I started reading Master Your Emotions by Thibaut Meurisse and also started making notes! Something that I really didn't do when reading before. I also read another book by Junji Ito called Fragments of Horror which is a Japanese horror anthology manga series.

🎧 Consistently listened to my daily podcast episodes.

✍🏼 I published my first ever playbook! I was really proud of myself for doing this in just over a month. Lots of writing involved but it was definitely worth it to put everything I've learned about accessibility in a single, condensed playbook.

August Favourites

  • Taking Gabby to KidSpace and TGIF after

  • Trying out interactive dining at Inamo

  • Celebrating my dad's birthday with lots of home made food

  • Finally upgrading my phone 😅

  • My standing desk has arrived!

  • Attending Crococon!

  • Going to Hobbledown Adventure Farm Park and Zoo


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